Apple Thyme – Planets (1000-5000mg Psilocybin Gummies)


Apple Thyme - Planets - Magic Mushroom Gummies
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Hand-crafted by the Shroom Savant

A Harmonious Blend of Orchard Freshness and Herbal Notes

Embark on a tasteful journey through the cosmos with our Apple Thyme Planets. Delicately hand-crafted by the esteemed Shroom Savant, each magic mushroom gummy encapsulates the crisp, refreshing essence of orchard-picked apples complemented by the subtle, aromatic hint of thyme.

Mushroom Gummies Dosage:

Our Planets collection is curated to provide a spectrum of experiences:

  • Microdose (1000 mg): With 100 mg of psilocybin per piece, these gummies are your stepping stone into the vast universe of psychedelics, perfect for enhancing day-to-day mental clarity and creative thinking.
  • Regular Dose (3000 mg): At 300 mg each, they pave the way for a richer, more introspective adventure, inviting you to a deeper exploration of the cosmic landscape.
  • Big Dose (5000 mg): And for those who are ready to embark on a profound odyssey, 500 mg per piece will launch you into a full, expansive psychedelic experience.

A Taste of the Cosmos:

Apple Thyme Mushroom Gummies offer a unique flavor adventure. The familiar, comforting taste of apple is brilliantly intertwined with the sophisticated note of thyme, crafting a flavor profile that is both grounding and uplifting—mirroring the balance of Earth and sky.

Artisanal Craftsmanship:

Each gummy is a testament to our commitment to quality and tradition, providing an elegant, contemporary method for engaging with the timeless practice of psilocybin use. The Apple Thyme flavor is a ticket to a sensorial voyage, delivering a tranquil, flavor-laden journey with every bite.


Combining natural apple and thyme flavors with high-grade psilocybin, our gummies cater to the discerning individual. Crafted by culinary experts in Canada, these flavors are guaranteed to transcend the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the Apple Thyme Planets Gummies and let each piece guide you through a stellar voyage that’s as expansive as the cosmos and as soothing as the familiarity of home.

Join the expedition across the stars with Apple Thyme Planets Gummies — your flavor capsule for transcendent experiences and introspective travels.

Please consume responsibly and consult with a health professional before use. Not suitable for individuals under 18 or those with specific health concerns.

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